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Meth Cleaning & Methamphetamine Decontamination Services

Offering Meth Cleaning & Methamphetamine Decontamination Services for Utah Businesses. Our services include Meth Decon & Whole Space Disinfection services. We find and destroy the environmental factors that can make employees and customers sick.

Meth Decontamination Services & Bio Decontamination For Homes

Utah’s full service Methamphetamine Decontamination Services & Bio Decontamination Services for Utah homes, cars, and trucks. Offering fast service, affordable pricing and guaranteed results.

Utah's Whole Space Disinfection & Bio Decon Company

Providing complete Whole Space Disinfection & Bio Decon Services. From testing to cleanup you can count on the Germ Champs for fast service and affordable pricing and quality work. 

Meth Cleaning | Methamphetamine Decontamination Services | Bio Decontamination Services | Environmental Services

Offering Meth Cleaning, Methamphetamine Decontamination, Environmental Services in Salt Lake City and Utah. 

Meth Cleaning & Biological Decontamination Services 

We (The Germ Champs), are Utah’s trusted Meth Cleaningbiological decontamination service company & chemical decontamination service company  in Salt Lake City, Utah. We think about decontamination services, disinfection services, whole space disinfection services & Utah Meth Cleanup in a whole new way.  We offer a wide range of whole space disinfection servicesincluding one of the only EPA APPROVED, dry-fog technologies for whole-space decontamination. The Germ Champs are committed to protecting your health and improving your environment.  Germ Champs is proud announce our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Meth Cleaning Company

Utah Methamphetamine Decontamination & Utah Meth Cleanup

Methamphetamine residues are, for the most part, odorless and colorless. Most homeowners don’t know that their home has been contaminated and thus many health issues connect to methamphetamine exposure go unaddressed. If you have concerns about methamphetamine contamination in your home, business, or vehicles, please give us a call today. We’re here to help and look forward to answering your questions! (801) 438-7632.

Disinfection Service: Killing Pathogens That Cause Illness: (801) 438-7632

Meth Cleaning Services: Removing Harmful Chemicals: (801) 438-7632

Dianna Peterson
Dianna Peterson
23:25 24 May 18
Germ Champs came along beside when times were very bleak. I'd heard tons of stories about meth contamination being bunk and a racket imposed by the health board so I was very hesitant yet compelled to comply. It didn't help that i received letters from house flippers who wanted to buy my house for a low ball price and relieve me of my burden. Germ Champs were honest about the task at hand and competent in themselves to get it passed by the heath board. They named a price and stuck to it even though the job became more involved than originally thought. They were careful and no harm came to my house. I was out of state during their work but Reece kept me updated and explained the processes which eased my doubts and fears about the process. I can truthfully say I trusted them and their expertise and would have never wanted to go it alone. So thank you germ Champs for coming along side and getting me through one of the roughest times of my life.read more
J.P. Cook
J.P. Cook
15:59 17 May 18
Absolutely outstanding customer service and results from Reece and his team at Germ Champs! They know what they're doing, thoroughly answered my questions, and produced the result they promised. Their service was prompt and I would highly recommend Germ Champs to anyone. Great job guys!read more
Richard Jordan
Richard Jordan
17:04 13 May 18
The guys at Germ Champs did an excellent job! They throughly cleaned my HAVC system, were on time and finished a head of schedule. Reese was very friendly and took care of all my needs and questions. Couldn’t be happier.read more
Dawn Brown
Dawn Brown
23:19 26 Oct 17
Reese and his company were absolutely amazing to work with. We were surprised when our renters left behind a very serious contaminate in our house. When I called the first time, I was surprised to hear him actually answer the phone, as it was after hours. I fully expected to leave a message, but he explained that he understood the alarm and concern that comes with situations like ours, so he always takes those calls, no matter the hour. After that first conversation I felt so much better. Throughout our project, the Germ Champs crew were professional and treated our house with the utmost care and respect. We live out of state which added a higher level of stress, but Reese was excellent about communicating and provided updates at every step. He always called when he said he would. It was such a relief. I can't recommend this company enough. Reese and his crew performed well beyond our expectations. Call them if you are in need, you won't regret it!read more
Rob Whittle
Rob Whittle
23:11 26 Sep 17
Reece was absolutely amazing to work with and did a fantastic job. He and his company are absolutely honest and will bend over backwards to make sure his customers get what is right and fair. His pricing is better than ANY of his competition and the quality of his work is just as good or better. We had such a traumatic experience until Reece got involved and fixed all the issues at such a reasonable price!read more
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