Utah Meth Home Clean Up

Certified Utah Meth Home Clean Up 

Offering, low cost, Utah Meth Home Clean Up services. Our certified and experienced staff will ensure a complete and safe decon for your home, office or car/truck. 

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Utah Meth Home Clean Up

Utah’s Certified Utah Meth Cleanup Service & Methamphetamine Decontamination Service for Home, Office and Vehicles in Salt Lake City and Utah.

Offering complete Utah Meth Home Clean Up Services. When meth is used or produced in a home or business it leaves a residue throughout the home or business that is very hard to remove. According to state law this residue must be removed to ensure the health & safety of the persons that go into the home, office space or vehicle.  Germ Champs is Certified Utah Meth Decontamination Service Company that can remove the meth residue and help protect the health of those in the home or business. 

Methamphetamine residues, are hard to detect. Some people say they can smell meth and this maybe true, but for the most part meth residue is odorless and colorless.  Sadly, many homeowners don’t know that their home has been contaminated. Unaddressed methamphetamine exposure can have serious health impacts. If you have concerns about methamphetamine contamination in your home or business please give us a call today. We’re here to help! (801) 438-7632.

Meth Testing Services For Home and Business & Vehicles (Starting at $175)

The first step in addressing a meth issue in your home is to get it testing. Testing is quick process that will tell you if decon is required. In the state of Utah, any test that comes in over 1 micro gram / 100 cm2, does require decontamination. This test will also help guide the entire decon process may impact the price & time frame for the decon project. 

Offering Utah’s Affordable Utah Meth Home Clean Up

Utah Meth Home Clean Up is no simple task, especially in Utah; however, the process has greatly improved over the past couple of years.  With an improved understanding of what it takes to brake down meth residue and advanced tools that greatly increase efficiency and effectiveness, Germ Champs stands at the forefront methamphetamine decontamination services. Our knowledge, skill, tools and hardworking staff allows us to provide best in class service at an affordable price. 

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“Germ Champs came in and deodorized a house that had the worst cat smell. I had tried replacing wood and painting and nothing could get rid of the smell. Germ Champs did a great job and i would definitely recommend them for future jobs.” Mike C.