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Defending the health of our clients by providing whole-space disinfection services.

Killing Pathogens & Defending Your Health

Bio & Chemical Cleanup Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Germ Champs was founded on a simple vision, “Defend and protect the health of our clients.”   We bring our vision to life by providing affordable Biological, Chemical and Meth Decontamination services to our clients in Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah.

We set our services apart from our competition by going the extra mile for our clients. Each member of our team is committed to your health and safety.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals that will ensure you are completely satisfied with our service.  Our goal is bring hospital-grade, infection control products and services to homeowners and businesses at an affordable price.


Specialized Services For The Following Industries:

At Germ Champs, we don’t just tell you that our product and services are amazing — we show you! We are happy to come to your business or home and give you a short demonstration, discuss your specific needs or concerns and show you how the Germ Champs system can improve the quality of your life.


Request more information or schedule a live demonstration: (801) 438-7632

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    Decontamination Experts

    Our team of disinfection & decontamination experts are licensed and certified. We have the expertise and experience to handle your environmental services and disinfection needs.


    Advanced Decon Tech

    We are always adding new technologies that can improve the cleaning, decontamination, whole-space disinfection process.  Have a question about cleaning, decontamination, whole-space disinfection? Call us today.


    Partner With Results

    We bring new ideas and solutions to our clients every day. Call us with your questions or problems. We're happy to help point you in the right direction (even if that direction is another company).


    Customer Support

    Most cleaning, environmental, decontamination service companies don't offer customer support, but we do! We also provide emergency services to our clients. Help is just a phone call away (801) 438-7632.