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Learn about our environmental services and whole-space disinfecting products, along with EPA documentation and more.   If you have any questions about the information we have provided please call us or fill out the web form below and we’ll get back to you with more info.

Dry-fog technology to disinfect your entire office, home or vehicle

At Germ Champs we use the most advanced dry-fog technology to create mist that gets into every nook and cranny and destroys pathogens.  We use a product that combines hydrogen peroxide and silver synergistically, releasing highly reactive molecules that immediately attack the cell membrane of a pathogen. After the cell wall of the pathogen has been weakened or destroyed, the silver ions enter into the microorganism to ensure the pathogen is destroyed.

Our services require no rinsing or cleaning. The dry-fog will decomposes into water vapor and oxygen. In addition, we don’t use any products that contain chlorinated or brominated ingredients.


EPA Approved

We use the Sanosil Halo Disinfection System. One of the only EPA approved systems for whole space disinfection.


Residue Free Infection Control

Our infection control services leave surfaces clean and free of residue.


Destroy Super Pathogens

The Sanosil Halo disinfection system is EPA validated to kill 99.9999% of (hard to kill) C.Difficile spores.


Utah Based Company

Proudly serving Salt Lake City and the entire state of Utah.


Hospital-Grade Disinfection

Create a pathogen free zone with our hospital-grade infection control and disinfection services.


Infection Control Professionals

Our technicians are properly certified and always professional.

Decontamination Experts

Our team of disinfection & decontamination experts are licensed and certified. We have the expertise and experience to handle your environmental services and disinfection needs.

Advanced Decon Tech

We are always adding new technologies that can improve the cleaning, decontamination, whole-space disinfection process.  Have a question about cleaning, decontamination, whole-space disinfection? Call us today.

Partner With Results

We bring new ideas and solutions to our clients every day. Call us with your questions or problems. We’re happy to help point you in the right direction (even if that direction is another company).

Customer Support

Most cleaning, environmental, decontamination service companies don’t offer customer support, but we do! We also provide emergency services to our clients. Help is just a phone call away (801) 438-7632.