Shigella is Coming to a Day care, Assisted Living Center, Playland, and Office Near You.

Nine Important Facts About Antibiotic Resistant Shigella

ShigellaThe following are nine important facts about antibiotic resistant Shigella sonnei  (also know as Group D Shigella). Shigella sonnei is making it’s way across the United States and Utah. The following are some vital facts that you should know about Shigella sonnei.


  1. Shigella Sickens Millions and Can Kill

By some accounts, Shigellosis (the disease caused by Shigella) may be responsible for as many at 500,000 cases of diarrhea each year and as many as 600 deaths per year in the United States.

  1. Antibiotic Resistant Shigella is Extremely Contagious

Antibiotic Resistant Shigella is a tiny bacteria in terms of it’ is physical size and it’s spreads easy. It’s most commonly spread via contaminated food and water. Person-to-person contact is also a common form of transmission. Shigella is resistant to your stomach acid and it only takes as few as 10 germs to start an infection.


  1. Antibiotic Resistant Shigell in Day Cares and Assisted Living Centers

Shigella will have a greater impact on the young and elderly. Day care and Assisted living workers, clients and guests are at a higher risk of getting and passing shigella on to others.

  1. Simple Antibiotic Resistant Shigella Prevention

Wash your hands!!! Washing your hands is especially important after using the toilet or changing a diaper. It is also important to wash your hands before you handle food and before eating food. For more serious shigella outbreaks contact an infection control company, like the Germ Champs in Salt Lake City, Utah. With a single treatment they can disinfect your entire business (every surface).


  1. Shigella sonnei is Confirmed to be Multidrug Antibiotic Resistant

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated last week that the bacteria Shigella sonnie is indeed ciprofloxacin resistant. This is a serious issue as ciprofloxacin has been the drug most commonly used to treat shigella infections.


  1. Shigellosis is Rarely Deadly

Most cases of Shigellosis clear up in less than a week. In rare cases a person suffering from Shigellosis can experience severer dehydration. Severer dehydration can lead to hospitalization or death.


  1. Symptoms of Shigellosis Include

Symptoms can include some or all of the following: fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea (can included bloody diarrhea). Symptoms are generally more severer than those associated with a salmonella infection.


  1. Protect Your Entire Office, Day Care, Assisted Living Center and Home from Antibiotic Resistant Shigella.

Infection control companies (like The Germ Champs) can disinfect your entire home, office, day care or assisted live center. Unlike a cleaning company, Germ Champs can disinfect every square inch of your home or business. Stop the spread of pathogens, like shigella, in one simple eco-friendly, EPA approved treatment. Call today for more information 801-438-7623


  1. Find More Information about Shigella

Contact your local doctor or health department. If you’re a Utah resident you can also contact the Utah Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology