EBOLA VIRUS Disinfection Germ Champs Utah

EBOLA VIRUS Disinfection Germ Champs Utah


We get a lot of questions about the effectiveness of the Halo Disinfection System against Ebola virus. At Germ Champs we offer Ebola Disinfection Services. Call today for more information (801) 438-7632

Ebola strains on surfaces are assumed to be fairly easy to kill since they are an enveloped virus which are less resistant to disinfectants than non-enveloped viruses. Our ebola disinfection services are known to kill other enveloped viruses including Influenza Viruses and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HaloSpray has an EPA claim for several Influenza strains.

Ebola Disinfection Products

Our products and services  do not have an Ebola kill claim on the disinfectant labels. That said, testing for the Ebola virus is not available because it is so hazardous to conduct. At this time we are not aware of any EPA registered disinfectant that has an Ebola kill claim.

We know of no manufacturer that has been able to test the efficacy of different disinfectants against the Ebola virus due to the great risk of contagion and lethality. However, the Ebola virus is an enveloped virus (like the flu and HIV), our ebola disinfection services are much like the disinfection services we provide for  the flu and HIV and come with an EPA registration claim to kill enveloped viruses.

This Ebola outbreak started earlier this year and now is the largest outbreak on record. Transmission of the disease is via body fluids. The virus can be difficult to diagnose as is has a long incubation period during which transmission may occur. Symptoms are often mistaken for those associated with Influenza or Malaria, which have initial symptoms which are quite similar to early stage Ebola symptoms. The result is that preventing the spread of the Ebola virus is complicated and the disease, which is often fatal, is spreading at alarming rates. A further complication is that the modernization of the African continent – better roads and more air travel enable infected individuals who are yet undiagnosed to move around easily and spread the disease widely.