How Clean is Your Car

Steering wheels have nine times more germs than public toilet seat!

The interior of the car harbours nine times more bacteria than a public toilet seat!

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Keep this in mind next time you make a pit stop at a fast-food drive-through – the steering wheel of your car harbours nine times more germs than a public toilet seat.

Research has found that while 80 bacteria lurk on each square inch of toilet, around 700 harmful bugs inhabit the car’s interior.

The study also revealed that 42 per cent of motorists regularly dine while driving.

Dr Ron Cutler, director of biomedical science at Queen Mary University, London, said: ‘While most of the bacteria were unlikely to cause health problems, some cars were found to play host to a number of potentially harmful bacterial species.

Take a seat: Public toilets have nine times less bacteria than the average car steering wheel

Take a seat: Public toilets have 80 bacteria per square inch

‘Most people clean their homes but many are neglecting to clean their cars and are driving around in vehicles which resemble a rubbish bin.

‘A car is the perfect place for germs to breed, especially if you eat in it and leave litter or uneaten food around. To avoid potential health risks it would be wise to regularly clean your car inside and out.’

Scientists said the car boot was the filthiest area, with 1,000 bacteria for every one and half square inches.

The study found that bacillus cereus – a bug that can cause food poisoning and is found in rice, pasta, potatoes and pies – was the most common along with arthrobacter, which is found in soil and human skin.

The survey for home store B&Q also revealed that 66 per cent motorists did not check the oil and water levels before heading out on a long journey.

The same percentage did not know how to change a tyre, half weren’t able to check if the tyre tread was legal, a third had no idea on how to pump up a tyre and more than half couldn’t replace a windscreen wipe

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